Subject: Power of THE Name Dropping. [link updated]

"I have come to bring fire to the earth,
 and how I wish it were already ablaze!" Luke 12:49
Power of THE NAME Dropping.
Hollywood took note when Paul Lauer masterminded the very successful marketing campaign for Passion of the Christ. He and I were working together on another project when Disney/Walden asked him to drive the faith-based marketing of Narnia... he in turn invited me to join the team.

Passion of the Christ. Disney. How cool is that? Needless to say, this is a great example of our very human propensity of namedropping.  It's the what we do when we share a photo with someone famous. Or wear gear from a favorite team.

Name dropping is literally identifying ourselves with someone else.

While excessive namedropping betrays insecurity, clearly, it is God's way. He could have done it Himself, but He sent the prophets. He sent His only Son. He sends us. In HIS NAME.

If we are truly Christian, we derive our entire identity, purpose and value in the Name of Jesus Christ.

Such is evident in this week's Gospel. The 72 return from being sent and reply, "LORD, even the demons are subject to us because of your name!"

With all the evil going on in this world, are we acting in the Name?

Since Catholic Exchange published THIS article a few weeks ago, inviting us to consider how we might pray over others in the power of His Name, in addition to real transformation we have the testimony of real physical healings in our community. For the glory of God.

This week get LIT. Put a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ. View this week's Live IT Episode (HERE). It's all about the power of His Name.  Set aside time to talk and pray in your home using the Live IT Gathering Guide (HERE).

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