Subject: We seek to decrease. We surveyed 1000 Catholics. Survey says...

"I have come to bring fire to the earth,
 and how I wish it were already ablaze!" Luke 12:49

We seek to decrease.
This Friday we celebrate the Feast of St. John the Baptist. It marks the beginning of Summer. Daylight will decrease until the birth of Jesus Christ. Like John, we seek to decrease that Jesus might increase. We are about the mission of Jesus Christ alive in your home and parish.

So to find out how we're doing, we surveyed over 1000 of you.
Of those engaged with Mass Impact,

95% reported increase in talking and praying in their homes
91% reported increased commitment to their parish communities
86% reported increase in inviting others to participate in parish life

Praise God! If you're not already, join us!

This week get LIT. Put a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ. View this week's Live IT Episode (HERE). Set aside time to talk and pray in your home using the Live IT Gathering Guide (HERE).

Tune-in to IGNITE Radio Live! tonight (8-9pm, Annunciation). With guest Jim Geller will continue our "Porn to Purity" Series. You'll be moved!

And sign-up now for our IGNITE Praying With Fire Conference. Discount tickets extended this week! (see below)

"It was one big, awesome Catholic family reunion!"




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