Subject: Christmas Blessings from our family to yours!


The above painting is from the beautiful heart and gifted hand of our summer "Antern," Anna Kemper. It's an image of her experience not simply with our family, but with all of us-- drawn together into the Heart of Jesus Christ.

Jesus' gift to you and me:

The Stable and the Star. We're not Five Star hotels. More often we're smelly stables beneath the Star. Be encouraged! Without the mess there is no need of a Messiah. Always remember that Bethlehem is where God chooses to be born!

House of Bread. As families we need a common home. We need to support and encourage one another. We need to be strengthened, formed and united in this ultimate mission. For our poverty He alone is our Provision. Regularly come and receive the gift!

Let this image be a reminder: You are not alone. You have a purpose. Know that 3:00pm every Friday our family and others are bringing you to Him in Adoration.

Receive and Give Christmas Presence in 2016.

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