Subject: O2: Homer Simpson and the Gospel

This morning as Fr. Adam proclaimed the Gospel, I was drawn into deep reflection. Somewhere around the fifth generation of the genealogy my mind wandered to a favorite Simpsons' episode. 

Homer is informed that he ate the poisonous part of a fish. He has less than 24 hours to live. Needless to say, facing death, Homer gets serious about life. His eyes are opened. With loving regard, he attends to what is most important. His family.

At the end of the night, after crossing things off his bucket list, Homer settles into his Lazy Boy and takes in the Bible on tape. The genealogy begins as the sun goes down, continuing into the next day as the sun rises. (Which of us can't relate for this particular reading?) In any event, Homer survives. 

The closing, credit shot has an unaffected Homer right back where he was- camped out in front of the TV, glaze in his eyes, indifferent to where he had been. 

Is that us? How different might our lives be if we lived in light of our death? How different might our commitments be?

God is speaking to us. He's speaking into our humanity.  This Sunday Jesus tells us what it will take to gain eternal life. Go view 
this week's Live IT Episode and Guide. Accept the Live IT Challenge (beginning September 28). 

Let's remain united in Jesus through Mary.

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Here's the truth: We're walking in faith, but running on fumes financially. This movement needs you. Please help us continue to make a mass impact, with your one time gift or as a monthly supporter. 

Thank you.

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