Subject: O2: Holy in One (a Golf Story)


Monday Greetings in Christ:

Our home is sometimes graced with female drama. Most of the time I can't tell you where it's coming from. Or where it's going. We just kind of hang on. Wait for the wind to change. Keep the love coming.

In addition to keeping Kleenex in business, it's mysteriously making us all better. 

Now Male drama- that's a bit easier. All that's required is competitive males with a penchant for trash talking, a beat-up putter, and a portable green thingy (I'm not a golfer). Our vices are a bit more pronounced. 

We give you
a slice of life, this week's short Live IT video: "Holy in One"... a dramatization of this week's Gospel.

What are we about? In the big picture, Bishop Daniel Thomas is inviting us all not simply to T-off at Mass (or Cursillo, or CRHP, or TEC, or ACTS or IGNITE), but to stay the course (video). Our world needs a generation who will be moved beyond fleeting moments of conviction to a movement of commitment. Is that you?

That's what we're about. As a final note, if you believe in this movement, we genuinely need you. Please help us now. Thank you.

8/25, 7pm - IGNITE St. Jerome (Walbridge)
8/25, 8pm - IGNITE Radio Live! Guest: Andrew Reinhart
IMAGE TRINITY, 7433 FOX LANE, HOLLAND, OHIO 43528, United States
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