Subject: Oxygen for Your Week. State of the Catholic Family.

THIS WEEK: Jesus was amazed at the lack of faith. 
Mark 6:1-6 
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State of the
Catholic Family
If you missed it, please read our special edition on "The Real Supreme Court" (HERE). Join us this Tuesday night, 8pm, for a conversation on IGNITE Radio Live!, featuring law professor Lee Strang, and Courage Chaplain, Fr. Mike Dandurand.

Now the shift... to us.

If God has designed Christian families to make Him, who is love, known-- it follows that we bear responsibility for what's happening around us. Let's take a hard look in our mirror.

Some challenging findings in a new CARA study:
  • Only 22% of Catholic families attend mass weekly.
  • About 36% of Catholic parents say they pray daily.
  • Only 17% of Catholic parents who pray on their own also pray as a family. 
  • While about 50% of Catholic families eat dinner together daily, only 13% of Catholic families say they pray before meals every day.
Dr. Gregory Popčak concludes, "What Does It All Mean? WAKE UP, CHURCH! It means, that the kids are NOT all right. It means that Catholic family life is NOT OK. Most importantly, it means that we, as a Church, need to stop assuming that the families in the pews have been equipped to live and proclaim the gospel and that whatever other ministry we may do, we need to allocate resources to shoring up our own spiritual house, because it is falling down around our ears." (LINK)

If we stay on the same road we're on, we'll keep going where we're going. We are about transformation in Jesus Christ in the very heart of the Church. We're in need of believers who will be moved beyond fleeting conviction to all-in commitment. Our world needs us.

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