Subject: Oxygen for Your Week.

THIS SUNDAY: "This is my body... 
Mark 14:12-16, 22-26 
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Who cares?

We would never say it aloud.
But if Corpus Christi is merely another celebration for an hour this Sunday, with our proclamation and worship limited to those walls, those people, that time, only a "follow along" way... without spilling over into our lives, into the world everywhere and always, "Who cares?" is not just what our lives are really saying...

It's what the rest of the world is hearing.  

The world around us is in need of personally and deeply encountering Jesus Christ. He is the only answer to the deepest desire of our hearts. Every single problem in the news is answered by the Good News. He makes His life-transforming Love to the world dependent upon us. We are His Church. 

Below are some simple ways of "easy evangelization" that will make a difference. Don't be too busy. Overcome your reservations. Say yes.  
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