Subject: Where's the Life?

THIS SUNDAY: "Receive the Holy Spirit... 
John 20:19-23  
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This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost... more than something that happened to them, but Someone who is happening to us. TUNE IN!

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Where's the Life?

At some point, most of us have asked this question about church activity. 

The simple answer: God is Life. Ritual without relationship is empty. Spinning wheels. God fashioned us for real intimacy with Himself. We will remain hungry until we receive His Spirit. 

This Sunday we celebrate Pentecost... more than something that happened to them, but Someone who is happening to us.  

Pentecost inaugurated the Reign of God in our hearts. We have to receive the Holy Spirit, His power alive within us. The power to do "even greater things" than Jesus Himself did (John 14). The power to be changed. The power to change this world.

The measure of having truly received: When people no longer inquire "Where's the Life," but look to us and pronounce: "There's the Life!"

We are leading characters in the ultimate drama. A multitude of angels and saints are looking on to see what we'll do. If we would have the same anticipation with Mary and the Apostles. If we were more than merely "open," but eagerly sought to surrender our lives... to all that God would give, to a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, without question or condition.

Let the Church arise! Join us this week not simply in praying with all recent popes for a new outpouring of the Holy Spirit, but for hearts to receive.  
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