Subject: You are the difference-maker.

Dear ,

You are the difference. Would you please take a moment to read this urgent appeal and respond?

Last year you were the difference-maker for literally thousands who more deeply encountered Jesus Christ. Put another way, had you not been engaged, this would not have happened.   

Our particular challenge is two-fold: We can not optimally evangelize if it's accompanied by asking folks to open their wallets, and parishes are not yet fully wired or endowed for the New Evangelization. The difference between our culture's great hunger and being fed is you and me.  This movement is you and me. We exist to step in the gap. Our Church needs us to step in the gap.   

The below appeal was sent nearly two weeks ago. We're grateful for those who responded with monthly and one-time pledges. These constitute 10% of our budget. We want to devote our energies focused on the mission. 

We're being completely candid in saying we don't quite know how to do this... but know we need to to it, to engage a base of partners who share this mission.

If you haven't yet already, would you please find time in the next day or two to prayerfully read below and partner with us? One year from now, consider what this report is meant to say based upon your "yes" right now-- our story of many more souls brought more deeply into the love of God. That's a difference worth making.  

Thank you again. Abundant blessings to you and your family!

IGNITE Mass Impact Partners
"Behold, I make all things new!" (Rev. 21:5)
One year ago Mass Impact began. Thousands have been impacted. Numerous pastors and parishioners are on board. We are called to an urgent mission. We need you. Please prayerfully consider saying, "Yes."

He is Risen! Happy Easter!

What does that mean for us here and now? Everything.

Can you recall the last time you were presented with something very difficult, requiring great sacrifice for which "yes" was the only answer? Perhaps it was a job demand. An unplanned pregnancy. A baby crying in the middle of the night. Challenging a loved one about hurtful or destructive behavior. Dealing with sickness, or even death. 

Your faith-filled "yes" is a participation in the one great "Yes" of Jesus Christ (Matt. 26:39: "Your will be done") united with that of Our Blessed Mother (Luke 1:38: "Be it done unto me"). 

Whatever other important commitments and obligations we may have, evangelization and discipleship in Jesus Christ is our "most important mission." (Pope Paul VI) This is the reason we exist. This is the moment for which we have been made.

You and I are being called by God to something very difficult, requiring great sacrifice. He is asking us through the brokenness of our family, friends and neighbors-- the masses so in need of His transforming, life-sustaining grace, but who are absent (nearly 75%). He is asking us through the many who may regularly participate at Mass, but struggle allowing Him to participate in their life.

Please consider this appeal...

Two years ago Greg and Stephanie Schlueter were called to this area to initiate new evangelization. It was and is about the Holy Spirit moving through the heart of the Church. Bishop Blair exhorted: "Strike out boldly."  
United with many pastors and leaders, they IGNITED a movement. Numerous pastors and faithful experienced the spark of new life in their parishes. 

Then, nearly one year ago, Greg and Stephanie were presented with a huge decision. With a family of eight, God seemed to be asking: Will you continue this unveiling movement without an office, relying entirely upon Me?

For them, it was one of "those" moments. Encouraged by the engagement of faith-filled pastors and leaders, they said, "Yes."

Under Image Trinity, a Catholic non-profit organization, Mass Impact was born. United with dynamic pastors and leaders, the mission took even greater clarity, purpose and reach: People and parishes "Alive in Jesus Christ" - an integrated, strategic plan for dynamic communities of missionary disciples.

This week's Divine Mercy Live IT marks our 50th consecutive episode. These episodes have reached well over 35,000 people through YouTube alone (multiplied by broadcast over CatholicTV). Add 50 IGNITE (+Presence for Christmas) events reaching over 10,000-- and weekly IGNITE Radio Live over the five stations of Annunciation Radio.

At the heart is engaging the faithful to live the Eucharist, our basis of becoming missioned communities within our parishes and leaven to our world.

It is breaking out nationally. Some of our partners include Matthew Kelly, Peter Herbeck, Fr. Larry Richards and Teresa Tomeo. This movement has been featured in the National Catholic Register and on radio with Teresa Tomeo

Our 2010 diocesan call to prayer for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and evangelization has not been without answer. We suggest there are three prominent signs: 1) Annunciation Radio, 2) Bishop Daniel Thomas, and 3) Mass Impact. Please take a moment and listen to this short presentation by Jeff Barefoot (Board Member), at our Night of Gratitude for key benefactors and friends of Mass Impact (Engaging the Final Confrontation).

On this anniversary of Mass Impact, we celebrate the evident signs of God's anointing, but we have just begun. There is so much more to do. We are in urgent need of your prayers and financial partnership right now. 

We are challenged to tithe 10% of our blessings. This is an awareness that 100% of our blessings have been given by God. After considering the diocese and your parish, please consider becoming an IGNITE Mass Impact Partner with a MONTHLY donation of any amount.  HERE is an easy way to donate by credit card (Click "Make this Recurring" for your monthly donation). 

We are seeking to live as missionary disciples. Please join us in saying "Yes!" to this great call and mission for us to have a Mass Impact on our world. Consider the eternal impact we might have on a multitude of souls, now and many years to come.
Let us continue to pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit!

Abundant blessings of the Risen Lord through Mary,

IGNITE Mass Impact Partners  |

IMAGE TRINITY, 7433 FOX LANE, HOLLAND, OHIO 43528, United States
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