Subject: Another Memorandum on Your Soul [Intercepted Note + MORE...]

THIS SUNDAY: "The water I shall give will become in him
a spring of water welling up to eternal life.”
John 4:5-42
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Another Note from the Desk of Screwtape
[to the devil assigned to your soul]

"We've accomplished what we never thought possible! A majority who profess the Enemy now stay away from Him on Sundays... which is even better than denial, because they are professing Him inconsequential! [hideous laughter] Needless to say, we still must contend with those who do go, your client still being one of them! This Sunday he will hear a devastating truth... that he's been made for 'Living Water' to flow through his soul! Can you imagine the devastation this would cause if he actually... understood?

"As I have advised in the past, let him go, so long as he's not really there! If he's not lost in our Fog altogether (it's always helpful when there's a big game, or a pressing concern), have him think of these as impotent words, nice sentiments, so long as he doesn't really encounter... the Word! Keep him self-satisfied in ritual, so long as it keeps him from real relationship. All this hogwash is inapplicable and irrelevant! He's good enough! Have him "get it in"... as quickly as possible, so he can "get on with his day"! How we love that one!

"Oh, my despicable little apprentice! We see what they do not... the Living Streams being constantly poured out... with the power to decimate us. We see how the Enemy has made... them... [shriek] the means of His Living Water to flow into the world. You must know what catastrophic damage it would cause us if your client were to examine what he has come to regard as 'the way I am'... if he were to see into the Fog... if he were to awaken and see the Logjams we have so meticulously built....

HELL FORBID what this may lead to! How it would surely lead to heartfelt Repentance and Forgiveness... with the explosive power to break through the Logjam. NO! I can barely bring myself to admit it, this would spell the end..."

Read Pope Francis on the Subject.

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