Subject: Where's your parish going... [Rediscover Love]

THIS SUNDAY: "The kingdom of God is at hand."  
Mark 1:12-15
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"Post-Abortion Healing in the New Evangelization"
GUEST: Judy Schlueter | Bethesda Healing Ministry

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Where's your parish

Greetings Missionary Disciple of Jesus Christ!

While Blessed Mother Teresa's quote about "faithfulness and not success" has inspired many to persevere, it has also been used to dismiss an ultimate truth:
God wants to succeed. 

Jesus commanded us to make disciples of everyone on the planet. (Matt. 18:28) He would not call us to such success without making it possible. If we're failing, it's not because of Him. How are we doing?

Consider: In our home diocese less than 25% attend weekly Mass, steeply declining 2,500 every year. National studies reveal that nearly 40% of professed Catholics disregard the possibility of a relationship with God. The vast majority do not hold core tenants of the Catholic faith.

Let's be brutally honest. This is not going to change automatically. If we stay on the same road we're on, we'll keep going where we're going.

Let's keep it positive. Before us is an opportunity. Instead of considering where we've been, or the course we're on, let's consider... 

Where is God calling us to go?

This Lent we're being invited to enter more deeply into the Cross. While we certainly mean our entry into the total, self-sacrifice of Jesus Christ (defining love), we mean that these are geared towards (1) multiplication of missionary disciples (the horizontal beam), and (2) deepening of missionary discipleship (the vertical beam).

Now consider our lives, personally and as parishes: Where will we be a year down the road as a result of our current commitments? Are they intentionally, strategically and completely geared towards multiplication and deepening of missionary disciples?

In sum, united with numerous national leaders, pastors and parishioners, this is what we're about. Mass Impact is committed to seeking the triumph of the Cross.

  • We are about a strategic plan of personal and parish transformation in 3-5 years. 
  • We are about becoming at the heart of doing; personal relationship (with Jesus Christ) at the heart of ritual; the 12 becoming the 72 and IGNITING the planet. 
  • We are about availing ourselves to an outpouring of the Holy Spirit, not simply taking, but receiving
  • We're not simply about another Door (encounter with Jesus Christ), but opening that Door to a concrete Road (deepening discipleship). 
  • We're about a parish-unifying capacity that does not have an expiration cycle, but one that is an ordinary part of what it means to be a parish.
  • We believe that God has called and equipped every parish to engage this "most important mission."

We seek to fully embrace God's vision for us:
That the Holy Communion we receive, 
correspond to a Holy Community we live.

What can you do? 
(1) Speak with your pastor about engaging us to help IGNITE your parish's call and capacity to become a dynamic community of missionary disciples in 3-5 years. Contact us

(2) Respond personally right now. Be ready for what's about to happen. Commit your family to becoming a community of missionary disciples. Put a flag in the sand for Jesus Christ.  

United in the Great Mission of Making Love Known,

Greg Schlueter
Image Trinity | Mass Impact

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TUESDAY, February 17
"Post-Abortion Healing in the New Evangelization"

GUEST: Judy Schlueter  
Bethesda Healing Ministry


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