Subject: Some burning questions.

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Burning Questions.

Greetings in Christ.

As Church we're being invited beyond fireworks to the FIRE. Fireworks are exciting, but fleeting. They are depleted in a flash. This dry kindling around us (and within us) needs a SPARK. It needs us to IGNITE the FIRE. It needs us to remain LIT.

That's what we're about.
If that's what you're about, please keep reading.

Burning Question #1:
Are you on FIRE or just fire-CRACKERED?

The beams of the Cross are the measure. Are we intentionally engaged in multiplying horizontally, that is, in numbers? Are we intentionally engaged in deepening vertically, that is, in relationship and intimacy with Jesus Christ?

If not, we are not living in the power of the Cross. Chances are we have not been evangelized, only entertained.  

Here's the thing. Satan knows the great potency of God's grace pouring through you. He doesn't want you to take a look at your calendar, which pronounces your priorities. Does yours include substantial, dedicated time to grow as a family through meaningful conversation and prayer? 

Satan doesn't want us to connect real family disconnect as a function of gadget connect; he doesn't want us to consider that the reason we call them "devices" is because all too often they're "divisive."    

Burning Question #2:
What might happen if all reading this would avail themselves to bearing His FIRE?

What if each of us reading this now-- Church, rose to take our place in this "final confrontation... between the gospel and anti-gospel" (Pope St. John Paul II), accepting the total, "all in," sacrificial commitment it requires? A kind that opens us to the horizon of excellence we've all been destined for all eternity?

Burning Question #3: 
Are you ready?

Within the next few days, gather your family together for just ten minutes and have each member complete this simple, one-page Live IT Inventory. After completion, ask yourself the simple question: In any area would you like to go from, say, a 5 to an 8? Wouldn't it be worth scheduling just 60 minutes a week as a family for 7 weeks?

If YES, in more than a "kinda sorta" way, believe that God is ready to move powerfully. Treat this moment right now as a tremendous invitation from Him, for your family to be awakened to His Presence alive in your relationships. Let this LENT be the basis for a truly amazing EASTER.

Print out the Live IT Gathering Guide. Go to Page 2 schedule your time for the next seven weeks.  

The idea is that every time you gather you'll light a LIT Family Candle. And if an IGNITE is near you, monthly you'll unite your candle at the Burning Bush. 

This is not about fleeting moments, but life-defining, person and parish-transforming movement. There's no expiration cycle. We're about living in the heart of His Church. 

A number of pastors and teams are engaging us to help them become "that" kind of community in 3-5 years (CoreMission). They are in the game of this "most important mission" we've all been entrusted: that everyone in our geographic areas come to encounter and life as disciples of Jesus Christ.

This additionally involves peer LIT Groups and Monthly Catholic Family Gatherings... supported by weekly IGNITE Radio Live and other support endeavors. If you'd like to be part of a Monthly Catholic Family Gathering "household," we're scheduling awesome, impactful family festival for Saturday, July 11 (stay tuned). 

United in the Great Mission of Making Love Known,

Greg Schlueter
Image Trinity | Mass Impact

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