Subject: Memorandum Concerning Your Soul [ Intercepted Note from the Devil ]

THIS SUNDAY MASS: "We have found the Messiah"
John 1:35-42


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Another Note from the Desk of Screwtape 
[To the devil assigned to your soul]

"It doesn't matter if she [or he] professes the Enemy... 
so long as she really believes herself to be the supreme power in her life... that she would not set aside time to pray. Keep her focused on her time, on what she can do, on what she needs to do, on what is not getting done... believing that she is the only answer, that only the practical and immediate are valuable. 

"Of course, even the most important, good and even religious of activities without His so-called indwelling will leave her soul all the more empty and nagging! This is a perennial problem we have, how these miserable little maggots have been fashioned... to only be satisfied by... Him! 

"Do not be discouraged! Over time we have succeeded in maintaining the Cloud across culture... that she would see this dryness and darkness as a way of life. To offset her recurring hunger pangs, keep offering distractions, to give an artificial sense of fulfillment. 

"If any of those who belong to the Enemy, who have proven to be beyond our reach-- connect her dissatisfaction to the Enemy, if they invite Her to look through the Cloud, to really reconnect, to pray... to persevere past distraction, to patiently wait upon Him... we can not even think about this! Do not let this happen! It spells great danger for us!

"If she set aside all the things we've convinced her are so important... if she persevered in prayer through the Cloud, long enough to become aware of HIm... to experience His Light... she would surely discover that 'sweetness' in her soul, the rightness of it. Those Seeds could threaten to take real root, to claim all the territory now in our dominion!"


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