Subject: Friend, Our Great ADVENTure Begins.

"Prepare the way of the Lord, make straight His paths." Mark 1:1-8 (MORE)

PRESENCE for Christmas 
Events at 10 Different Parishes (P4C SITE)
TONIGHT: 12.1 7pm St. Joan of Arc
TOMORROW: 12.2 7pm St. Peters, Huron

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Our ADVENTure Begins!
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DISCLAIMER: We have not conquered, but earnestly desire to be conquered. The great expanse between these marks our "ultimate drama" - our journey deeper in Jesus Christ. Join us. Live IT

Dear Friend... 

We're Catholic. That means...
we've been offered thousands of promises of special grace, in special seasons, on special occasions (the greatest of which is Holy Mass). But, if we're really honest, "under the hood," where it really matters, perhaps we're skeptical. 

We have been "here" as many times as there are years in our lives. How different are we? What evident, lasting impact have these had? Right now, do we have lively expectations of life-transformation corresponding to God's promise?

If not, we may be what Pope Emeritus Benedict called "practical atheists." We may be chewing, but not really eating, and certainly not digesting. Over time, quite possibly we've become conditioned to associate "grace" with that nice token you received at some religious event. It was nice for a moment, but it's now buried in some drawer. Impotent.

To each of us, in our own, unique ways-- the prophet is proclaiming, "Prepare the way of the Lord!"

Advent begins! Right now, we stand before another Door wide open to special grace. God's promise is not an invitation to play pretend. His promise is new, real, and vitally powerful. We must have a corresponding expectation... pronounced by faith-filled commitments... setting other things aside (being emptied), that we can Encounter (be filled by Him), so much that it overflows to the world! 

Take a brief moment right now and view a real-life portrait of all this-- this week's impactful Live IT Episode ("The Plunge") humorously showcases the Baptist's exhortation for us to know the huge difference the Holy Spirit makes (this Sunday's Gospel). 

Fleeting, isolated moments without "plunging" leave us fatigued, and eventually disinterested. We are about so much more than progams with a short shelf-life, more than fleeting moments, but the ongoing, living movement... ever-deepening Encounter... the great ADVENTure of discovering and living our identity in Jesus Christ in the very heart of His Church. 

Consider these open doors to life-changing grace. This year give and receive the tremendous gift of PRESENCE for Christmas.
(1) Participate in Presence for Christmas near you.
(2) Commit to the 30/3 Challenge as a family (Page 2).
(3) Gather round for IGNITE Radio LIVE [Tuesdays 8pm]. Tomorrow night we're talking with Dr. John Wood. Theme: "Become a Saint"  

Finally, it's never easy to ask for financial support. We're not good at it. But we need you. "We" are numerous pastors and parishioners, seeing real impact and growth from the very heart of the Church. Would you please go HERE and help us sustain this movement? Thank you in advance for your prayerful consideration. 

To your family and parish, united in our shared mission of making Him who IS LOVE known-- abundant blessings in Jesus through Mary.

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
+ Image Trinity | Mass Impact Board and Team

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THEME: "Become a Saint"



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