Subject: Happy Thanksgiving Friend! Our gift to you...

Dear Friend - Thanksgiving Greetings in Jesus Christ!

We are so grateful for you-- for God uniting us in this "most important mission of the Church."  

Please accept a gift- a "living Gospel," giving testimony to God's present power among us, featuring inspiring stories of numerous members of our community. 

This is our unveiling story- yours and mine.
It will move your soul. 

GO NOW AND HEAR or DOWNLOAD (to your device) the special "God is Here" Thanksgiving episode of IGNITE Radio Live-- that aired last night.

For those struggling right now, or away from the Church, this is "that" kind of resource to share.

Willi Meyer, Pete Burak, David Bland, Irene Bland, Joanne Karl, Bret Huntebrinker, Brenda Knight, Mitch and Mary Ann Kahl, Peter Herbeck, Dan DeMatte, Amber DeMatte, Brennan McNamara, Rachel Myler, Lisa, Sr. Lucetta, Fąther Mathias Thelen, Peter Range

MUSIC FEATURING David Crowder, Matt Maher, Steven Curtis Chapman, All Sons & Daughters, Alicia Hernon, Tenth Avenue North, Jaci Velasquez, Bill Hubauer, Jesus Culture / Kim Walker, Christopher Rice

P.S. Only hours left to register for IGNITE Catholic Community Night (below). Over 150 registered so far! Inaugurating our "four week journey into the heart of Christmas." 14 events and 10 locations!

Thanksgiving blessings to you, your family and your parish--

Greg and Stephanie Schlueter
+ Image Trinity | Mass Impact Team

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