Subject: Jumuah Safety

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IANT Special Release
Please be safe while attending Jumuah prayer!
Asalamu Alaikum members of the IANT Community,

Jumuah is an extremely important time for reflection, prayer, spirituality, and camaraderie. With that said, IANT wishes for everyone attending Jumuah to please be safe while arriving to the masjid to attend prayer. Some things to keep in mind:

  • If the masjid parking lot is full, please do not park on fire lanes or in grassy areas. This is against city regulations, and your car may be towed.
  • When parking near houses, please do not block the pathway of our fellow neighbors. If you have any doubt, please try to find another parking spot. We have spaces available on our property, adjacent to our property, in Region 10, in the church, at the school, and some public spots on Brick Row.
  • When crossing the road, and if police officers are present, please be sure to stay vigilant and follow their instructions.
  • Always cross on designated crossing areas, and when safe to do as indicated by the crossing sign. Many members of our jamaa' have reported to us incidents of individuals walking through active traffic, in the middle of the road. This presents a danger to not only the crosser, but also drivers.
Jazakum Allahu Khair for staying alert, and being safe! We wish you and your families a blessed Jumuah.
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