Subject: IANT Youth update and Fundraising

Dear Respected Community Member

The intent of this letter is to share the current state of the IANT Youth and seek your help with skills and funds.

Just to give perspective, let me share a few things about myself. My full name is Syed Danish Aseem, and I am mostly known as Danish. I was first exposed to the IANT Youth back in 2001; this inspired me to actively serve Islam and lead me to take part in various volunteer and leadership roles at local and national levels in different Islamic organizations. Currently, I am proudly serving the IANT community as Vice President with the Youth being my focus. This background is just to let you know how a small involvement in the local masjid can become an inspiration for a person to serve the greater Islamic community for decades to come. In the end, we all know the youth are our future - we need to help and guide them in the best possible way by raising them well, with strong moral values and character.

Now about the specific details of IANT Youth.

IANT Youth has existed for a long time, but since 2012 it has missed consistency. To address this, we have recently hired a Youth coordinator (Zeeshan Suleman). Zeeshan was born and raised in the Richardson community, and has experience with regards to the current and upcoming troubles facing our youth. He has not just faced contemporary issues, but, by Allah’s blessings has figured out ways to get through the difficult times young adults face growing up in America. He continued learning about Islam with the help of local scholars and recently went to Kuwait for higher studies in Islam. Furthermore, he has a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Dallas in MIS. He has multiple years of teaching experience in an Islamic school as well. With the inclusion of this position we have already witnessed our youth attending weekly halaqas and other events, with attendance growing to more than 80 members in particular events. For pictures and videos you can visit IANT or IANT Youth Facebook page.

What is the plan for the future, and why is more funding needed?

  • To establish a strong youth center catering to the needs of our future generations, we need to make the part-time position of the youth co-coordinator to full time.
  • We plan to reach out to public schools in Richardson and make programs to cater to specific demographics. One of the way is co-sponsoring events which benefit the Richardson community.
  • Start engaging competitions, whether it’s learning or volunteer work, and by winning attractive prizes.
  • Start programs to safeguard and promote a strong Muslim youth identity.
  • Organize quarterly youth focus seminars at IANT addressing current, critical issues.
  • Have Summer or Winter Olympics (including sports, Qira, memorization and other competitions).
First, we ask you to make dua, in this blessed month of Ramadan, that Allah bless this effort. Ameen! Next, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to our youth fundraiser on this coming Friday May 31, 2019, after jummah prayer, at IANT. We hope that you will come forward and help in this critical, valuable, focus with your skills and funds.

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