Subject: IANT Youth Update and Upcoming Events

Dear Respected Community Member

The intent of this letter is to share the upcoming events and what we have accomplished since the last community update email sent in May 2019( if you would like me to resend you the email from May, please let me know) . As always we seek your help with skills and funds ( please write "Youth" in comment section)

Alhamdulillah with the help of Allah and you, we started "Muslim Identity Classes" (Please see flyer below for details). We focus in this class on how we can educate and discuss topics which can develop characteristics which can help them to become better mu slims. Muslim Identity was instant success with more than 120 students and growing. If we continue to get your support we can easily start another group of students in available weekdays. As of right now Zeeshan ( Our Youth coordinator ) certainly does not have the capacity to handle more than 120 student between the three classes. Another event we started "Shredder Talk" ( See flyer below for more details) with our Imam Shpendim Nadzaku. This event is  every first Friday of the month between Maghrib to Isha, where youth is able to ask questions anonymously. This event has open our eyes with what kind of challenges the youth is facing and started to have programs to address those things. That brings me to share with you the upcoming events.


The two upcoming events we have; Basket Ball Tournament ( please see flyer below or visit Facebook event page for more details & Registration) and Second event is a conference for all age groups "The Journey to the Hereafter" ( please see flyer below or visit Facebook event page for more details & Registration) This event is for all Ages!!! We seek your help to spread the word for these events so the most number of people can benefit as it has FREE admission so most number of people can benefit from it.

We hope that you will participate and encourage your friends and family to be part of the events as well.

You can donate securely via PayPal. All you need is your debit/credit card, or a bank account! visit Please write in comment section "Youth"
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