Subject: IANT - Richardson Police Department: Crime Alert

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Assalamu Alikum Wa Rahmat Allah IANT Family,

Please take note of the below Crime Alert message from Richardson Police Department. May Allah keep you, your family, and all of our community Safe!

Area police agencies have received recent reports of bank customer’s vehicles being burglarized, again. This is a crime trend that comes and goes and seems to be on the rise. The suspects in these cases will stake out a bank and watch for customers leaving the bank.  The customers are then followed to their next destination. If the customer is not seen carrying the bank bag/envelope from their vehicle the suspects will then move in and break into the vehicle in search of the money. 
Please be very alert to your surroundings when making a deposit or withdrawing cash from a bank. Check frequently to make sure you are not being followed. I have listed some ideas below to help detect on whether you are being followed:

  • while traveling to or from a bank safely make left-hand turns or U-turns and watch to see if another vehicle is following your movements, keep in mind that some of these offenders operate using more than one vehicle.

  • pull into a gas station, fast food establishment etc... and wait to see if another car follows you in, or just pull into a parking lot and safely go right back out.

  • some offenders will damage your tires while you are in the bank causing you to have to pull over when the tire goes flat, thus providing them the opportunity to get to your money.

  • never leave money in your vehicle unattended.

  • If in a robbery situation, comply with the robbers demands and do not resist.

  • As always remember to "TAKE, LOCK, HIDE", Do your best in not leaving anything of value in your unattended vehicle. 

If you feel you are being followed or see something suspicious contact police immediately by calling 911.

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