Subject: HIDDEN SUFFERING (Medical worker speaks out)

In this video from my Friday's Youtube livestream, I share distressing updates from a hospital whistleblower.

This afternoon, I'll be sharing more stories of the tragic situations so many have experienced at the hands of this evil tyrants -- and what to do about it!

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Here is an example of what a Healthy American wrote to the Director of the CA Dept of Public Health (remember by action step from last week):

Your actions have caused me harms, including:

1.) naming my small business as “nonessential”. How would you like it

if someone called your business that you had started and successfully

operated for 20 years in California as “nonessential?” This caused me

major financial stress with loss of income and loss of some clients

forever! I was scrambling around making sure I had all the social

distancing and cleaning supplies! I had to do a crash course in “how

to teach online” just to keep some income alive and spent money on

technical equipment to make that happen. While all of us gyms and

small studio owners in California were closed because you deemed us

nonessential, I have to ask you....why then was the San Fransisco

Government city gym for their employees allowed to remain open

indoors the entire time?? Is someone there more essential than the

rest of us? Oh and then there’s the” open again, no you’re closed

again” shenanigans that California dealt us nonessential business

owners. Wearing a mask over your face is against my religious beliefs.

And this practice is dangerous for exercising. And the one order that

really offended me was asking a fitness/recreation center to move

their equipment outdoors and operate your business there instead of

the perfectly safe indoors facility that we spent tireless hours over

creating for our customers to feel welcome. The whole experience was

not only financially stressful, but emotionally as well.

2.) My husband’s employer required nasal testing and threatened to

fire him if he was not vaccinated. This is against our religious beliefs

and health beliefs as well. More stress dealing with his employer on

top of the anxiety the way the state of California was treated small

business owners like myself. We could have really used a vacation

then...but guess what? Travel was not allowed or made extremely

difficult. As a result we missed our niece’s wedding. Pictures aren’t

the same as being there. We were heartbroken because family is

important to us.

3.) Churches were closed and we were told it was not safe to sing or

worship our Heavenly Father! Are you kidding me? Who do you think

is going to get us out of this big mess? The government of California?

No...God is our only hope right now and we desperately need to be

gathering together to bring hope to the world. Matthew 12:21 “In his

name the nations will put their hope.”

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Our hearing is on August 18th!
More updates to come!

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