Subject: Youtube Channel for sale. 4.8 Million views

Youtube Channel for sale. 4.8 Million views since Nov 1, 2019. Let the bidding begin! PM me for any offers. No tire kickers, and read the entire post before messaging me.

** Do NOT hit reply to this email** My email is offline and it will bounce back to you, if you want to talk more, send a email to greeny1232 @ yahoo. com

I'm looking at selling one of my strongest Youtube channels. Why? Well the content was made as a test it it sorta blew up. Looking to invest the funds into another expensive test so it would be great to sell this one off.

1. Is it monetize? Not currently. the channel has 3k videos on it that are geared at women in there 40-50s. The content itself can't be monetize for adsense. It's not my content, I was able to trick the algo into allowing the content. At any case, you can't put adsense on it. Ideally, you could upload daily content that are health and beauty, you would no doubt get sales daily from this.

2. Will this channel get banned? Of course there is always the chance it will be banned, but with that said, the content has been up since November of 2019 - There was some uploaded in Feb 2020, but most of it was done in November and December of 2019. This is a very old channel, it's probably 15 years old. There is not a gmail connected to this youtube. you will not have access to the email itself, you will have the login and password. The email is one that was made when dial up was a thing. So yes, as I said, it's a super old account.

3. I will ship you the actual video content. It's on a hard drive in case you ever had to redo the content. but again, it's been up for a entire year without 1 request to take it down.

4. How much? Make me a very good, decent offer. Don't waste my time asking if you can see the channel. The answer is no, until we get into the real buyers. No tire kickers. Payment will be made via stripe, BTC, or a bank wire. No other payment option is available.

Youtube Rankings wise, Playlist 1, 2, and 3 are listed in the top 4 results. Search volume is 135k per month. It also ranks in google, but not for the main term, it ranks for quite a bit for various terms. But honestly, this channel has never had 1 link built to it. The content is what brings the traffic.

Here are some screenshots
Channel analytics
Month to Month, it's constant traffic 

Holly Cooper, 2408 Pinview Ln, Janesville, Wi 53546, United States
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