Subject: Video Series is complete! Last day to buy is today.

Good morning! Today is the last day to pick up the video series. I will be pulling the offer at 5pm CST TODAY. The payment link will be removed so they will be no back door in ... for those that bookmarked the page. Thanks to everyone who picked up the series. I really enjoyed making it. Next month .... be ready for a new YT course!

Prices are 
Video 1 50.00
Video 2 50.00
Video 3 50.00

If you want all of them, pick the 150.00 button, if you want 2 of them pick on the 100.00 button and 1 of them pick the 50.00 button. Then email me with what you purchased at

Training 1 Creation Of Local Guides + Reviews
-How to create LG 10's that shouldn't get banned. I currently have roughly 10k LG guides. It's a process. You should daily be creating LG accounts, whether they are LG 1-10.
-How we use the LG accts
-How to make the reviews stick (or at least a better chance of them sticking)

Training 2 How To Use Local Guides
-How to do Edit's
-How to Move Pins
-How to drop Pins without claiming them
-How to use them for FAQ
-GMB Following Feature
-Reporting bad reviews
-Reporting listings
-Voting Up FAQ

Training 3 How To Rank GMB's
-GMB Posts + Software
-GMB FAQs + Software
-GMB Reviews
-GMB Followers
-Pop Optimzer Content
-A Bit of Super Secret Sauce
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