Subject: Video Ranking Club has some AMAZING results!

Great News!

Video Ranking Club is open now .. and for a limited amount of time and spots. 

What you get: ( I cut a short video to go over any questions too)

1. You are allowed to give me 3 videos per month.
2. 5-7 KW's PER Video is allowed. 
3. This is just for youtube videos. I can't accept websites or maps for this price.
4. Price is $500.00 a month, 3 videos PER month @ 5-7 keywords each
5. What niche's won't you be able to work in? Garage Door's and Loans
6. What do you need from me to get started? Well payment of course! Then the video URL, 5-7 Kw's And now there are ONLY 7 spots left! Grab your spot while you can!

This is the EXACT system I use to rank my own videos, sites, and map packs .... and where I commonly rank videos in COMPETITIVE niches.

Go from #100 to #1 in a matter of days.

- Amazon Product Review Videos
- Local Clients
- Competitive Digital Products
- And More...


NEW Client site from last week's opening. This was after just 5 days of getting it in my hands
http after just 4 days!
Video Ranking in youtube and google (local terms realtor management)
Sister video - unrelated location but same terms as realtor above .. different city mainly
Product Video (private product sells on his website, this is his YT video, very competitive market)
Video Ranking in youtube (local terms photography niche) Ranks in google too now.
Affiliate Product Review (ridiculously competitive terms we started about 2 weeks ago)
5 #1 rankings boosted in 24 hours (local terms)

If you're interested, you can sign up right now here! After that, Email me at Subject line: New video spot. And we can go from there! If you have any questions email me straight away too! Don't reply to this email as I don't check this inbox very often ... email the


Holly Cooper, 2408 Pinview Ln, Janesville, Wi 53546, United States
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