Subject: Triple Threat Image Hack Ends in just 2 hours

What if you could embed an image that could Google had to create EVERY time a page was crawled or viewed

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What if you could stuff an iframe with rich keyword content that included a never before exploited google URL?

Forget google properties... force google to pay attention to your content.
Force google to render an image that includes your link with every page load.

Supercharge images to rank your content, without clumsy metadata stuffing

You can utilize this hack THREE ways.
As a Backlink
As a Image
As a Iframe

All of the three can be exploited thru backlinks and embeds

It is THE powerful triple threat

Every execution of the hack creates a google page with a DA of 78 and a PA 33.

There are very few of these occurring in the wild, so the hack will have both great impact and superior staying power.

Whether with manual placement, or automation with MoneyRobot, Scrapebox, SEOAutoPilot or other chicanery, this just blasts indexing, sandbox removal and SERPs.

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