Subject: Terry Powers Released His CTR Process

Happy Monday!

I was recently invited to a webinar that Terry Powers (from RFR and GMB Factory) was going to put on. He said I have to be there or I would be missing a new piece of CTR. I thought ... ah he is nuts.

He wasn't.

He blew my mind .. and I mean BLEW it.

I begged him to sell the webinar for a 1x price @ 100.00 to help out some of you guys with creative CTR methods. This method used, with CTR Rocket, I feel like it's will be a major bullet in some rankings that are a struggle to move.

To get access after purchase, Email Terry with your receipt @

We are both working on a way to automate this. Currently it's done manual, but hopefully in the next few months we can program it up for mass usage.

I'm only going to mail this for 3 days before shutting it down. I don't want a ton of people to get whim of this .... it's that darn good.

Have We Seen This Before ?
This training is new. I've shown only 4 people how I do this.
I do not think anyone else is using these properties the way I will teach you,
but it is a big web, so I cannot guarantee nobody is doing this,
but I'm certain you have not been taught how to use the properties we'll be looking at this way.
We'll look at a way to use Amazon's Cloud services to improve the ranking of any URL you choose,
that means GMBs, videos, webpages, affiliate links, and more. And not just Amazon...

No Website Needed
This method works with any URL. And leverages Google's "mobile first" structure.

No Proxies Needed
No need for proxies when you've got huge companies out there offering you their bandwidth on their IPs.

No VPS Needed
This can be done by you, on your PC (or Mac) with an internet connection. You can also teach a VA to do this.
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