Subject: RSS Feed Syndication for your Youtube Channel

You post your videos on Youtube (any niche, any time, any keyword). We pull your Youtube feed and post it across our news network automatically. We will only pull though 1x a day so if your one that posts hourly, we would only pull 1 video for the day. Instant embeds, indexing quickly and you should see some nice ranks improvement along with DR across your Youtube channel.

Order it here now! I have very limited space so jump aboard.

The video itself will be embedded on 327 sites (currently what I have available to blast out to) and the description is pulled also BUT the links will not be clickable. It basically is like a embedded video with content and no links so we don't get you guys in trouble with over optimizing.

As always, don't reply to this email. My email now is greeny1232 @

Holly Cooper, 2408 Pinview Ln, Janesville, Wi 53546, United States
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