Subject: New Youtube Training Course - Excellent Materials!

Hey guys!

Long time since we have talked. I've been busy with my head down in the books, learning about some GMB narly, blackhat style tricks. More on that in the upcoming months.

I've also been working on a some next level marketing that no one else is doing. It's gonna be Amazing, once we get all our case studies together. If your going to Chiang Mai at the end of October, I may discuss it on stage.

Lets get on to the new training course that a student of mine put together.  Chris Derenberger put together his own Youtube course. It's pretty excellent too. Chris is a new up and coming Youtube star I believe. He came to Youtube bootcamp in February and has really taken off. He now competes along side me with affiliate products and courses. There has been many mornings I have woken up and found he is #1 or #2. We keep on switching top spots. It's great to see students excel the way he has.

Video #1 - Niche Selection
In this video I show you the pay per call campaign I will be targeting in this series. While this video series is based on a local marketing campaign, it is equally effective on affiliate marketing, lead generation and others.
Video #2 - Creating City List
In this video, I show you how I find cities to target and ways to easily create a master list of cities that will be used as your keyword list for this promotion.
Video #3 - Buying YT Accounts
In this video, I show you where and how and where I buy my YouTube accounts for MVB promotions.
Video #4 - Importing YT Accounts into MVB
Watch in this video how to bulk add your YT accounts to Mass Video Blaster. I'll show you step-by-step how to set up your excel file for importing YT accounts and assigning IP's to each one.
Video #5 - Creating a Video
I'll show you how to use my favorite video creation tool and how to use it to quickly create a captivating video for affiliate promotion, lead generation or local marketing campaign.
Video #6 - Mass Duplicating Videos
Learn the secrets of mass duplicating one video into hundreds or even thousands in this video as I show you step by step while I create nearly 1,000 videos for this case study.
Video #7 - Importing Your Videos Into MVB
In this video I set up my entire campaign for MVB. You will learn how to import all your videos into MVB, where I get my content, and how to create the video title, description, and tags for generating top rankings in YouTube and Google.
Video #8 - Creating Thumbnails and Assigning Playlists
Learn how to quickly create high quality YT thumbnails then assigning each one to a video when it's uploaded. We'll also create playlists in MVB for each video.
Video #9 - Campaign Results
Watch as I go over search results in both Google and YT of my rankings so far.
Bonus #1 - Keyword Research Methods
In this video I go more into detail how I find keywords and what tools I use for affiliate promotions.
Bonus #2 - Mass Video Blaster Settings and Options
In this video I'll talk about many of the features and some hidden features of MVB that can be used to help you dominate your niche.
Bonus #3 - Mass Video Blaster Errors
This is a short video that goes over handling errors within MVB.
Bonus #4 - Understanding Proxies
Learn what proxies are which ones you should be using.
SPREADSHEET BONUSES ($189 Value) - U.S. Population & 50K Niches
Get access to my sortable spreadsheet that shows every state, city and it's population in the U.S. I'm also going to give you my spreadsheet that shows 50k of the best niches to get involved with!
This is a recent case study I done showing how to trigger videos in Google that currently has no videos showing. I'll explain what you need and exactly how to do it. This video itself is worth the price of the training.

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