Subject: Holy Nuts O! 53 Map Pack Positions in 12 hours Check it out YO.

NOTE: The videos series should be going out by 3pm CST today. I am uploading all of the videos now. Just takes time to edit them and take out my sneezes! Check your email then if you ordered a set -- and spam too as it may go there.

GMB Secret 7 Minute Ranking Method. We will pick out various GMB's. They will not be in the 3 pack for the KWs (roughly 100 we will pick) They will be long tail and short tail keywords. Within 7 minutes of starting the hack, at least 22-45 KW will now be in the GMB Maps. Then go watch netflix.

Marc made a teaser video for his lesson (video 6). It's pretty good and its like GMB on extra steroids -- if that is possible?

Marc cut a video 12 hours after he started one of the methods. It would of probably been less then a hour, but he had to get some sleep. Check it out!

Please make sure you email me at with the receipt. And just a FYI, I know the thank you page is down. 

I am planning on mailing some of the videos later tonight or tomorrow morning. Kinda depends on if GMB is going to work with me this morning. I am setting up brand new GMB's to show in the live demo, cross your fingers!

The price is set @ $300.00

Video 1
-Setup on your GMB

Video 2
-The Hack Part 1 Setup

Video 3
-The 7 minute live demo, step by step
-Questions that I can cover (ones that I know people will be wondering about)

Video 4
-Traffic (Manual and Automated Methods)

Video 5
-The Hack Part 2 (Marc Zwygart is teaching this)

Video 6
-The Hack Part 3 (Marc Zwygart is teaching this)

Video 7
-The Hack Part 4
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