Subject: Holly's Cyber Monday Sale Starts Now


I decided to do a small cyber Monday sale this year.

Local Level Guides 10 Regular Price 20.00 CM Sale 10.00 MIM buy is (5)
Local Level Guides 8-9 Price 20.00 CM Sale 8.00 MIM buy is (5)
Local Level Guides 5-7 Price 20.00 CM Sale 5.00 MIM buy is (5)

What Can I do with these guides? Well I have a LG guide below if you are interested in finding out A LOT about how to use LG's. But in general, you can do edits to your GMB, create reviews for your GMB, Drop unclaimed pins on google maps. Those are just a couple things off the top of my head.

Sale will end Tuesday at 8AM
Send receipt to

These are all still active and the methods sold work as they did when I sold them a couple months ago.

1. Twitter Power w/MarC Zwygart Normal price @ 250, BH Sale 200.00
2. Backlink Destroyer w/MarC Zwygart Normal price @300, BH Sale 250.00
3. GMB 7 Minute Ranking Normal price @300, BH Sale 250.00
4. Local Guides Normal price @ 200, BH Sale 165.00

Grab all 4 at a discount Normal price @ 1050.00

Email receipt to

Twitter Power
1. Twitter Power Intro
2. Twitter Method Intro
3. Finding Power Accts
4. Twitter Registration and How to Optimize the Correct Way for SEO
5, Twitter Automation
6. Twitter Power Implentation

Backlink Destroyer Video Series
Video 1 Intro
Video 2 Project and Source Spreadsheets + Google Doc
Video 3 Creating the Backlinks
Video 4 Finding the Sources
Video 5 Tips

GMB 7 Minute Ranking
Video 1 Setup on your GMB
Video 2 The Hack Part 1 Setup
Video 3 The 7 minute live demo, step by step
-Questions that I can cover (ones that I know people will be wondering about)
Video 4 Traffic (Manual and Automated Methods)
Video 5 The Hack Part 2 (Marc Zwygart is teaching this)
Video 6 The Hack Part 3 (Marc Zwygart is teaching this)
Video 7 The Hack Part 4

Local Guides Series
Follow-UP Video
-How to fix "locked" gmail accounts
-Why are you buying accts versus making them
-Auto gmail password changer software
-Can you talk about more unclaimed pins method and how to use them more

Training 1 Creation Of
Local Guides + Reviews
-How to create LG 10's that shouldn't get banned. I
currently have roughly 10k LG guides. It's a process.
You should daily be creating LG accounts, whether they are
LG 1-10.
-How we use the LG accts
-How to make the reviews stick (or at least a better chance
of them sticking)

Training 2 How To Use Local Guides
-How to do Edit's-How to Move Pins
-How to drop Pins without claiming them
-How to use them for FAQ
-GMB Following Feature
-Reporting bad reviews
-Reporting listings
-Voting Up FAQ

Training 3 How To Rank GMB's
-GMB Posts + Software
-GMB FAQs + Software
-GMB Reviews
-GMB Followers
-Pop Optimzer Content
-A Bit of Super Secret Sauce
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