Subject: Google News Buffer Launch - Open again for the next 48 hours

Google News Buffer Launch ---- Google News Sites and PBN Backlinks

****The Advanced calls zoom sign up link will be sent out Monday****
I've had Covid for almost a month now and I'm trying to give my voice as much time as I can to rest before we start the calls.

We decided to open this up for the next 48 hours. I don't plan on doing this again, get it while its open again guys.

Buy it here   If you buy 1 course the rest of this year, this should be it. You will save thousands on domains and hosting.

More reviews came in!

We both been working on this for over a year and Marc finally broken the code. I couldn't figure out how to get past some of the road blocks and Marc worked on it for a couple of months and finally cracked it.

Biggest question I'm getting: How is this different than the other news courses that I have released or anyone else recently. Answer - This news course Marc put together based on idea's that we created. We needed to figure out a way to create news site that were free of hosting and preferably free of even buying a domain. It literally took us 18 months to crack the code. The easy part was finding platforms, the hard part was figuring out what we had to do to get it in google news and what information we had to go back and forth on. So again, this news course is entirely different then any course out there. These google news sites are entirely free and absolutely no hosting is required.

The best part is you can create a free google news network to use however you want.

Stop paying for hosting. Stop getting hacked on wordpress. Stop having to worry about paying for the domains. This is a absolutely free way to create news sites.

The Basic course is just that. We give you the basic concept, show you 3 of the platforms and how to get yourself up and running. The secrets beyond that are in the advanced course. It's there because this information gives Holly a serious run for her money on the network she has built. She literally has thousands of these sites and doesn't actually even want this information out there. I'm hoping this launch tanks to be completely honest. You will Marc build 3 sites on 3 different platforms and submit them in news.

In the advanced course Marc is going over how to do this in MASS on SCALE within seconds. You literally can make 100's of these sites in a couple of hours and just send in for approvals and minor edits. This is a absolute game changer if your running an agency and want to build links for yourself.

The advanced will also have 2 calls per month with Holly and Marc (if he is able to attend them). We will go over monetizing these sites and what we have experienced. We will do these test cases live. You will also get at least 2 new platforms every month to create these free sites on.

One of your reviewers said this:
I can tell you with 100% certainty I would never release it!!!
To have a free news network is a hell of a deal.
The way I look at it no one has been able to do this before and you guys have done it and IMHO that carries a premium.
The money people save goes back into their pockets.
After video 6 I agree why the fuck are you releasing it???
This is game changer!!!
Especially if you have automated it already!!
Holly Cooper, 2408 Pinview Ln, Janesville, Wi 53546, United States
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