Subject: Early bird Dark AI tickets are about to go away!

All prices are early bird - Early Bird Tickets will be raised in 1 week! Get it while it's super cheap guys.

Content: Anything related to AI. That means Youtube coverage, Avatar creation coverage, Blog and website coverage, Automation with sheets coverage and alike. More details to come as I sign up more speakers and discuss content with them.

Dates: June 23-24-25
Hard limit of 80 people total. That is our max, it will not be raised to allow more attendees.
Where: Schaumburg IL - 15 minutes from O'hare Airport 
Hotel Information here
Virtual Ticket - NO. We are doing in Person only currently. I have no plans to change this.

Saturday Speakers? 

Devon Wayne - Navigating Dark AI: Art of Prompting - How to talk to the AI to get the exact result you want for any specific use cases.

Triston Goodwin - 
The Lazy Marketer's Guide to Exploiting AI for YouTube Glory - Killer avatars and how to work AI and YT together.

David Hood - 
How to Use AI to Boost Your Local SEO - He is also thinking about providing my Python script to attendees and showing how to use it.

Holly Starks - Leverage AI with Audio/Video (think podcasts and anime creation stories etc)

Brian Kato, Chad Michael Lawson, Lee Witcher, Marc Zwygart are still making me chase them down for topics LOL!

What is happening Sunday? We are doing a live workshop. You will leave with something resembling an AI project. We have guest speakers over Zoom (as they are across the world and aren't able to get a passport for the US) Asif and MD Kaisar from the popular website Conch-House. These fellows made over a 1 million dollars via creating a site with amazon and ranking for thousands of terms. We did a interview with them here.

VIP Friday - Likely Golf and VIP Dinner Afternoon Golf and VIP Dinner at 6
Saturday - 1 Day Conference (lunch is paid for) 9-4 or 5
Sunday - VIP Mastermind (lunch is paid for) Ending by 3pm
Holly Cooper, 2408 Pinview Ln, Janesville, Wi 53546, United States
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