Subject: 4 hours left on the google news training

Surprise! I am opening up the training for the google news sites early. The training doesn't launch until Tuesday the 12th. There will be a cap how many people I am allowing in. 

4 hours left guys - First zoom call will be at 2pm CST today
Grab it by Tuesday at 12noon CST. This is already at such a low rate, I can't let it go this low for much longer.

Google News Creation and Approval Training and Holly's template's to make the process go faster. We will cover these topics: Google News Sites creation and approval. It will be a complete step by step process of how to set your site and get it approved in google news. We will also cover mass pages with google news sites, how I set it up and the benefits of using google news sites for mass pages. We will also have 4 zoom follow up calls to ensure everyone is on board and creating sites. Also, on the day of launching the course, I will have a zoom call in the afternoon, I will build 23 google news sites live all at once and apply for approval .. Live so you can see exactly how I can scale this quickly. Money making idea's will be covered in the training also. Indexing will be covered. Iframe's will be covered. How you can use this in your GMB and YT empire's (or client sites) will be covered. Hosting - I will go going over growing pains what the options I am using.

GMB Verifications and Mass Pin Drops will NOT be covered.

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