Subject: 3rd Party Scheme Hack is Live! Flash Sale - 24 hours is now live

You remember the email I sent last Friday about the new short course ‘3rrd party scheme hack’?

Well, it’s dropping right NOW!

Basic - Shows the method, short and sweet, to the point.

Advanced If you want to level up your game, you are going to want to setup your auto link systems. The advanced section goes over that. You get my GSA and Money Robot setup videos. And you will get a file to import into GSA plus you will get a list of the places I have tested this method and validated scheme on.

As you know, getting 3rd party link with a lot authority to link to your money site is the low hanging fruit of the link building world.

What if there was a way to inject schema into those sites along with your articles to really juice those up?

Well, now you can using this secret sauce technique.

Everyone else is building regular old links and yours are going to be right beside them but having a lot more power. Maybe even twice the power.

Can you afford NOT to know?
What if your competitor does this and you don’t?

If you like winning, you should strongly consider picking this short and sweet course up tomorrow.


PS You’re already publishing articles all over the web for links anyway. Why not juice them up a bit and get more power for the same amount of effort?
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