Subject: 3rd Party Scheme Hack Uncovered!

Hey, Holly here…

Before we head into the weekend I wanted to drop you a quick email telling you about a new short course I’ve been building with a friend on how to get YOUR schema into sites you don’t know.

This isn’t unethical.
This is totally Google safe.
This gives you an unfair advantage because everyone else’s articles on those sites is plain ole HTML.

Yours have schema and all that entity goodness to juice up your links and leap over your competitors.

If we you ever wondered if it’s possible to get schema on sites like Weebly, Tumblr, Google Sites, or even my News Network, now is your chance to learn the secret sauce.

The course is short, sweet and to the point. No fluff.

I’m dropping it this Tuesday.

See you then!


PS If everyone knew about it, it wouldn’t be an advantage. I’m getting someone to spill the beans here on this secret sauce technique so be sure to take advantage of it before it gets out there and spreads too far. 
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