Subject: 2 million+ views on my youtube channel .. 4 extra content drives available

Hey guys. I bought too many external hard drives .. I must of had a few extra ordered that I forgot about. I am opening up the sale again - Only 4 spots available.

2 5TB HD 500.00
2 4TB HD 400.00

32k Views every 48 hours
2.3 million views since November

More information below

Did you guys jump on this course last month? I have another 1 million views .. currently doing 35k views every 48 hours.

PLEASE make sure you email me your receipt to

CTR Method - Using Microworkers is priced at 250.00 I was going to put this at 500.00 but with the economy and everyone struggling, I feel like this can help you guys out. And at a lower price, I'm good with that. I'm just going to cap it with limited sales. *I've decided to throw in a video based on best practices for Youtube also.

1 Million Views is priced at 100.00 Remember that you will get the idea of the method and what I'm doing, but not the content I'm doing. That will be offered to the buyers only.

Content Creation is priced at 500.00 You will receive hard drive filled with the content. Like a actual external hard drive because this is well over 5TB, if not more and I can't upload it anywhere and not have issues. The video I will create will explain the entire process and how to level up what we are doing.

CTR Method - Using Microworkers
You guys know I use microworkers. I know you probably have even tried it and it didn't work for you. That likely is because you aren't setting up the projects the right way. So I have created a template. 1 For each property I want to rank. So 1 for Youtube, 1 for GMB Maps, 1 for Google website, and 1 for Rept Management.

I also have created a bit of a myth busters video. That video goes through some myths about microworkers and fears of using it ie google sees it.

So again, the offer is
-My Microworkers complete setup from start to finish - Walk through on Video
-My Microworkers templates for those 4 main properties (YT, GMB, Google, Rept Management) - Walk through on Video
-Myth Busters Video
-Best Practice video about Youtube (tips etc)

Extra softwares to buy? No. I use microworkers and my budget per day per property is roughly 10.00 per day. This is literally how I have been ranking for the last 3 years, nothing held back guys.

The 2nd part of the offer is the training on how I was able to generate 1 millions views. This method is a bit old school I would say. Without giving away the method and what I'm doing, right now is the time to do this. With all the sports getting suspended currently, it's a perfect time to go with this method.

There is a upsell after the initial Intro for this method, but I can't say what it is. I can only give that direct to the buyers because it would give the method away immediately and I'm protecting it as much as I can.

So that 2nd offer is
-The base method of what I'm doing to generate the million views. So in other words, you will get a very good idea of what I'm doing but not the content itself. Or how to get around some of TOS with Youtube. Sorry for being so secretive on it, but I'm using this daily and I can't risk having it out there.
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