Subject: 100.00 "stimulus coaching" offer - 1 on 1 via Holly - Booking up, set your time now

$2500.00 raised so far guys. Very awesome indeed. I want to try to get to $5000.00 if we can. That will feed 50 families for 1 week (100.00 worth of groceries for 1 week), that is where I'm leaning towards giving the donation to.

 I'm liking going to have to shut this offer down in the next 48 hours. I'm getting overwhelming response and I can only offer it for so long.

I have decided to put together a amazing offer for you guys. It's a win/win for everyone involved. I want to give back to the SEO community during this hard time and still be able to support our local community.

So here is the offer.

I asked two coaching guys if they would send over a review for me too.

For the next month, I will be offering my 1 on 1 coaching offer via Skype at a low price. Normally, I charge 1k a hour with a 5 hour minimum. But in today's world, that's not realistic. I'm offering what I'm going to call a "stimulus coaching" offer. The price will be 100.00 for 1 hour coaching via skype. It will be offered for that price just during this virus outbreak. I will be donating 100% of the coaching cost to my local hospital, clinic, even the post office for cleaning supplies. Whatever I can get shipped to me in a short amount of time to help out where I can. So again, the offer is 100.00 per every 1 hour of coaching. You can buy 1 hour or you can buy 5 hours. Whatever you want is up to you.

Content? I'm not pre-planning any content. Each person will have there own coaching content. The things we discuss will be around what YOU need and what YOU are struggling with.

To sign up, go to this site, it will give my calender that I have cleared for the next month. Hours open are listed there too and payment is on that site too. Any questions? please email me at greeny1232 @ yahoo . com
Holly Cooper, 2408 Pinview Ln, Janesville, Wi 53546, United States
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