Subject: Grammarly Investigated Is It The Best Grammar Checker Should You Use It?

Is Grammarly The Best Proofreader, Grammar, and Plagiarism Checker Review

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Generating content is usually time-consuming, and the process of proofreading what you create just adds more steps to the process. Every now and then, you can skimp on this step because all you're interested in creating is a rough draft or a small portion of a larger piece. Everything that gets polished up and presented to the outside world, though, needs to be carefully edited and checked to ensure that it conveys your meaning accurately.

Of course, there are software tools available to help you with this job. Are some of the alternatives superior to the basic checkers built into your favorite word processors? The makers of Grammarly - and the program's many enthusiastic users - would say yes!

Let's look at some of the key proofreading issues Grammarly is supposed to help you with:

* Do you need occasional help organizing your sentences so that they make sense?

* Are you certain that your writing is both free of errors (misspellings, bad punctuation, grammatical errors, etc.) and easily read?

* Would you like to make the proofreading process both faster and more effective?

Very few people who are even marginally sensitive to the importance of writing skills want to let their work go out into the world with bad syntax or avoidable grammar errors. For some writers - students in particular - getting the grammar right is about more than just avoiding embarrassment. Good proofreading sometimes means the difference between success and failure.

I have been relying on Grammarly for more than 12 months. I run virtually everything I write - articles, Kindle books, email messages, and blog entries - through Grammarly to make sure that my writing always comes out as professional as it can be.

Read on and find out exactly how Grammarly works. It not only finds mistakes in spelling, punctuation, and grammar but also teaches you how to be a better writer.

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Grammarly Fundamentals

Grammarly's core is a complex algorithm designed to validate the structure of your sentences. It examines multiple grammatical aspects to verify that your words are properly structured, checks the spelling of individual words contextually, and scans your punctuation for errors.

That is only the beginning of what Grammarly does! It's also a superb tool for checking for plagiarism, enhancing your vocabulary, and modifying the overall style of your copy.

Grammarly can be seamlessly switched between American and British spelling and grammar rules. It also includes a personal dictionary that you can use to track your own specialized terminology; the program gives you a built-in synonym finder as well.


Grammarly works by presenting your text in a large column on the left side of your screen. A matching column to the right logs potential errors that the software has detected. Each word or phrase that's causing problems is underlined and linked to a box containing a suggested fix. This box can be expanded multiple times to provide more detail on the potential problem; at the deepest level, Grammarly will explain - with instructive examples - exactly what rules are being broken.


Grammarly is available for immediate use as a free tool. It works as a standalone app, or it can be integrated into browsers and word processors. If you choose to pay for Grammarly, you'll be able to unlock the premium version. This gives you access to a few more useful features.

Most importantly, the premium version of Grammarly goes into even greater depth in finding grammatical errors and suggesting improvements. As with the free version, each of these suggestions is extensively supported by informative explanatory material.

Step By Step

Grammarly operates like a lot of other lightweight cloud-based word processors, e.g. Google Docs. You can get started by signing into your account with any web browser.

You'll first be presented with the Grammarly dashboard. If you're ready to get straight to work, you can open a new document and start writing. Grammarly automatically saves projects you've worked on previously, so you can return to older pieces at any time. Existing text can be imported into the app in a variety of ways. You can also export and download documents once you're finished with them. Personally, I find it most convenient to simply copy my writing out of my word processor and paste it into Grammarly.

When you import a document or paste in a piece of text, Grammarly spends a short time (generally under a minute) scanning the work and assembling its log of potential problems. These are then underlined in a range of different colors to indicate the type and severity of the problem. Each individual error gets a suggested fix that comes with extensive documentation to help you decide whether or not to accept the suggestion.

Grammarly can also be added to your favorite word processor or web browser as an integrated plugin. This will check your writing on the fly while you use the other program and allow you to open it up in a Grammarly window when you're ready to proofread it.

Helping Writers Improve

The real beauty of what Grammarly does is the well-organized and educational way in which it presents its issues and proposed solutions. It never goes so far as to mandate changes; the software merely shows you where your writing appears to conflict with common usage standards.

It's particularly good at catching spelling errors caused by contextual confusion, e.g. lose / loose, which / witch, whether / weather, etc.

With a premium account, you can also specify the writing style which you want Grammarly to compare your work to. Examples include business, academic, technical, medical, or casual. I tend to leave the style setting on the "general" option.

The premium edition of Grammarly also keeps an eye out for issues that may affect readability even if they break no grammar rules - excess length, wordiness, and so on.

Does Grammarly Replace Human Proofreading?

The short answer to this question is no. Grammarly is a terrifically clever piece of software, but it still doesn't have the human intuition necessary to fully appreciate the context of a piece of writing. You will inevitably run into some suggestions which you know aren't appropriate.

One nice feature of this software is that you can call for human assistance on critical pieces of writing. There's an integrated feature that can pass your work along to a professional proofreader for a small fee.

Who Would Benefit From Using Grammarly

While I believe that virtually anyone would find Grammarly useful, there are a few groups who stand to benefit more than others. It's particularly beneficial for writers who do not speak English natively. Students and professionals who rely on writing for their core job functions also stand to benefit a great deal from Grammarly.

I would say that Grammarly's biggest universal advantage is the immense time savings it offers any writer. Its automated error-checking will uncover hard-to-spot errors and mistakes that would take ages to find through manual re-reading.

The bottom line is that you'll be able to use the English language a little bit better with Grammarly's help. Whether you use it as a primary text editor or simply as a proofreading tool, it will save you from countless common blunders and make your words that much more impressive.

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Is Grammarly Worth Paying For?

First of all, it's great that you don't have to pay anything to get a taste of what Grammarly can do. Depending on what you think of the program, you might not feel like buying a premium subscription. That's fine; you can still get plenty of use out of the software.

To unlock the full potential of the platform, though, a premium membership is a must. Grammarly offers three different subscription options for its premium version. You can pay for it monthly, annually, or quarterly - my personal favorite. As with most subscription plans arranged along these lines, the annual option gives you the greatest value, pulling the monthly cost of the software down to about $12.

Grammarly Pros

* Highly intelligent spelling and punctuation checker.
* Better proofreading tool for independent creators who rely on written content.
* Helpful for inexperienced writers and non-native English speakers.
* Great for students.
* Intuitive and easy to master.
* Finds errors that would otherwise go unnoticed.
* Free browser integration
* Add-ons for Microsoft products (Word and Outlook) available.

Grammarly Cons

* Paid membership may seem too expensive to some users.
* Doesn't replace professional human proofreading.
* UK / US spelling is just a switch; software will not convert text from one to the other.


In my personal opinion, Grammarly is an excellent tool that delivers great value in both its free and premium versions. With the ability to diagnose and resolve nearly 300 different common writing mistakes, Grammarly can improve your writing in a host of different ways.

Give the free version of Grammarly a try. I wager you'll be impressed enough to take the next step and upgrade to the premium version in the near future.

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