Subject: new books from Geri Schneider Winters

I am happy to let you know I have NEW BOOKS!

I just released 3 new books on personal productivity:

21 Productivity Hacks for Knowledge Workers
21 Productivity Hacks for Company Founders
21 Productivity Hacks for Freelance Writers

All 3 are on Kindle now, but don't buy them yet! The week after US
Thanksgiving, I am running a promotion where you will be able to get any
of these books FREE on Kindle.

Thanksgiving weekend, I will post the exact dates when the books will be
available free along with direct links to the books on Amazon. (I would
tell you now, but I'm still setting up the promotions.)

So watch your email the weekend after Thanksgiving (which is November 24)
for my announcement.

Thanks much!

Geri Schneider Winters

Author of Kindle Best Seller "Why Agile is Failing at Large Companies (and
what you can do so it won't fail at yours)"