Subject: [new book list] Geri's new book available June 19!

My newest book "Do We Need Managers?" has been published in print and on

So many companies are experimenting with complete self-management. There
are regular news reports of yet another company throwing out all the
managers. While I have certainly seen plenty of bad managers in my career,
I am not convinced that management is inherently bad. So I decided to take
a balanced look at all management roles.

This small book is an exploration of the role of manager - line manager,
middle manager, and executive. It answers a number of questions:

How and why did the various kinds of managers come about?
What was their purpose?
Does that purpose exist today?
Does it make sense to get rid of all the managers?
How many managers do we really need?
What do managers do that hurt the company?
What can managers do to be of real value to the company?

For the launch of this book, I am offering it free on Kindle on June 19,
20, and 21, 2018. I'll send an update with a direct link to the book the
morning of June 19.

Geri Schneider Winters