Subject: Your GDPR data rights

Dear Friend -

You are probably getting bombarded with messages about the new GDPR laws. I
know I am! In order to comply with GDPR, any email list you are on or
membership site you belong to should be notifying you about how they use
your data. Since I have this email list, I am obligated to let you know
what your rights are concerning data that I have about you.

I wanted to start by personally thanking you for being a subscriber to this
email list for books by Geri Schneider Winters. As I promised, emails are
rare since I just use this list to notify you when I have published a new
book. (I do have a new book and will be setting up a free promotion as soon
as I finish all the things I have to do for GDPR).

When you joined the list, I asked you to give explicit consent to send
email to you. After filling out a form, you received an email asking you to
confirm that you wanted to receive email from me. You clicked the link (or
you would not be getting this email from me).

Information I have about you includes your name and email address. Every
email I send includes an unsubscribe link, so you can choose at any time to
stop getting email from me.

Unsubscribing does not erase your name and email from the database. If you
want to unsubscribe and also have your data erased, instead of clicking the
unsubscribe link, reply to the email and ask me to erase you from the
database. Generally I will erase your data that day, but since it is a
manual process, there may be times when it takes a bit longer.

I have added 2 pages to - Privacy Policies and Terms of
Use. These go into more detail about exactly what provider I use for email
services and where to find their privacy policies.

That's all I have today!

I expect to send you another email within 2 weeks telling you how to get my
new Kindle book for free.