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Easy, Adaptable Plant Based Bowls of Goodness
Saturday, November 4, 3:00 PM - 5:30 PM

Learn to make easy, nourishing, cozy bowls of wholefoods based plant recipes. Perfect for busy schedules or otherwise. Plenty of food to try and lots of fun.

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Healthier Holidays

Getting your New Year’s workout plan together to prepare for the damage you know is coming for your diet over the holiday season? We all do it. The holiday season is truly a time for celebration and thankfulness for our loved ones. More often than not, we celebrate around delicious food- mostly unhealthy food. What are some ways you can prepare for a healthier holiday season’s feast? Go plant based! Plant based products help replace those fattier foods like butters. Switch out sweet potatoes for those candied yams or add in homemade vegetarian cornbread stuffing- all ingredients of which can be found at Georgetown Market! Manage your portions and make sure your holiday plates are filled with balanced foods- salts, starches, etc. Read more about how to keep your holiday dinners healthier this year! Learn More
From Rick’s Desk
Watch for the upcoming Healthy Living blog post from owner, Rick Montieth, in our mid-month enews! 
Employee Spotlight
Dan Scalf is our Produce Manager and has been working at Georgetown Market Natural Foods for 3 years. Dan’s favorite part of his job is being able to help educate new customers on the importance of responsible farming as well as providing them with tips on eating “clean” food, which provide our bodies with the medicines they need. As Produce Manager, Dan’s expertise is helping customers with recipe suggestions and food preparation allowing them to utilize their fresh produce in ways they may not have thought of. He also has a vast knowledge of the seasonality of locally grown produce and responsible farming practices. His experience comes from working in several restaurants, training in the culinary arts, and spending time with local growers, gaining a better understanding of their practices. This has allowed Dan to help customers think of diverse ways to prepare their food. Dan brings help to customers by providing them with more options for meal prep- giving them a better dining experience and resulting in a greater likelihood of consuming fresh produce. Next time you’re in and have a question about fruits or veggies, look for Dan, he’d be happy to help however he can!
Featured Product:
Traditional Medicinals, America’s first Non-GMO verified herbal tea company, is a pioneer of wellness in the tea category. Get your tea for the holidays for $3.49/ea. 
What’s New:
Georgetown Market updates new products to nourish your body and soul! Check out these new options for your greater health and wellness!

Our Favorites:
This easy dairy free scalloped potato recipe is sure to be a crowd pleaser! Leaving out the dairy helps ensure it’s as healthy as holiday sides come!

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