Subject: The Real Benefits of Onboard Connectivity ✈

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In this issue of 'Always Connected':
  • The Real Benefits of Onboard Connectivity
  • Aircraft Maintenance Software in the Cloud
  • Just Focus on the Flying
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The Real Benefits of Onboard Connectivity
You would have to look hard nowadays to find someone who isn’t regularly using WiFi or Bluetooth in everyday life—beyond the confines of a retirement home. Nevertheless, despite their prevalence everywhere else, they are still not yet commonplace for airborne operations...
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Aircraft Maintenance Software in the Cloud
Investing in aircraft maintenance software can be expensive, time-consuming and complicated - but it doesn't have to be that way. A New Zealand start-up is leading the way with a unique cloud based solution that's easy to use and stays with the aircraft throughout its lifecycle.

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Just Focus on the Flying
If you are involved with Helicopter Air Ambulances (HAA’s) in the USA there is a whole lot more to think about now. In this article we explain how you can focus on flying and let the experts take care of the regulations.

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Southern California agencies are field-testing strategically placed ground water tanks that are triggered to fill by radio signals.
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Game-Changing Night-time Firebombing
Night vision equipment will soon allow Australian firefighters to operate at night with Kestrel Aviation and & Coulson Aviation at the forefront.
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