Subject: A Community that Cares: Ioana's ABA Story

The ABA's Young Birder programs are not only inspiring the future leaders of the birding community, but program alums are making real and important impacts right now. We need your help to continue this legacy. Please go to right now, and make an investment in the future of birds and birding.

Birding Magazine Associate Editor Ioana Seritan explains why these programs are so important.
"From the first moment that I fell in love with a Black Phoebe, being a birder has shaped my life. When I started participating in the ABA's young birder programs, the ABA began to shape my life, as well. I won the Young Birder of the Year contest in 2013 and thought nothing could possibly top that, but the contest was just the beginning: I was able to attend Camp Colorado and the Mid-Atlantic Young Birder Conference, and eventually began to work for Birding and Birder's Guide (both of which I still work for today!).

Looking back on my years as a young birder, I can safely tell you that without the ABA's young birder programs, I would still have been a birder - but with the ABA, I got to be something else, too: a member of a community that cared
We are coming down to the wire in our Nesting Season Appeal and we need your help!

At the ABA, we are very proud of our track record in supporting the birding, ornithological, and bird conservation leaders of the future through our Young Birder Camps, Young Birder of the Year competition, and our many online resources.

We need you to keep those programs the best they can be.

Please go to right now, and make an investment in the future of birds and birding. If you prefer to donate by phone, just call us at 800-850-2473.

Thanks for your continued support!
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