Subject: Community College or Four-Year University?

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Community College vs Four-Year University
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Deciding whether to attend a community college or four-year university can be a difficult decision. However, it's important to note that both options provide the opportunity for you to further your education and increase your marketability for employment after you graduate. In order to decide which option is better for you,  be sure to look at the positive and negative aspects of both. 
Community College Pros
  • The cost of attendance at a community college is much cheaper 
  • You can save money on your Bachelor's degree by taking your prerequisite courses at a community college then transfer to a four-year university 
  • The classroom setting is smaller and more intimate 
  • Class schedules tend to be more flexible to accommodate a non-traditional student body (i.e. students that work full-time, more night classes, etc.)
  • Classes are offered on a part-time basis 
  • The application process for a community college is usually less rigorous 
  • The class registration process tends to be easier due to the smaller amount of total students that attend 
  • It's typically closer to home 
  • Campus is easier to navigate due to a smaller campus size
Community College Cons
  • Community colleges have less curriculum and fields of study 
  • Community colleges tend to have less all inclusive campus activities (i.e. student organizations, sports, etc.) 
Four-Year University Pros
  • There are many major/fields of study to choose from
  • There are various different extracurricular activities to be a part of 
  • Attending a large university increases your opportunity to network with many diverse individuals from around the world 
  • There are many on-campus employment opportunities available
  • Four-year universities (especially those that offer graduate programs) are the home of many top researchers in the world
  • Four-year universities tend to offer many scholarships and other financial aid options 
  • You have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience with conducting research that will better prepare you for coursework on a graduate student level  
Four-Year University Cons 
  • Four-year universities are much more expensive 
  • The classroom sizes can serve as many as 500+ students  
  • Classes are typically offered during the day (with only a few available evening classes)
  • Getting into your desired class is more difficult because you are registering at the same times as thousands of other students 
  • Availability of your professor many be limited due to the large amount of students in your class 
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