Subject: Offer ends Tonight!! - Friend, Come back for your final year to follow Peter's weekly thinking.

Dear Friend,

The current Factor Service is scheduled to end in April 2020.  This will be Peter's final year producing his letter in its present form, and you can be a part of it for just $298. 

This is a special offer for you because you're a past Founding Member.   This opportunity expires TONIGHT (Midnight April 30th) and this one time $298 offer is $100 below the original discounted Founder's rate and 50% off the current yearly price.

We would love to welcome you back to join Peter on his final year of weekly updates.  Sign up today and gain access to his weekly market commentary, rich history of content, and our newly introduced (January 2019) private Twitter page. 

Thank you,

Jolleen Oleson
Director of Administration
Factor LLC

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