Subject: The Bridge and COVID-19

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Dear Friends, 
New York is facing extraordinary challenges as we battle COVID-19. This crisis has produced unprecedented challenges for the entire healthcare and social service systems, including here at The Bridge. During this time, The Bridge continues to do what we have always done – caring for the most vulnerable New Yorkers and ensuring that our clients and staff remain safe and healthy, despite all the difficulties that the current situation presents. 

All Bridge staff - social workers, residence counselors, case managers, maintenance workers, nurses, psychiatrists, and managers - have stepped up, working extra shifts and putting themselves on the front lines to make sure that the needs of our clients, so many of whom have serious underlying physical health issues, are being met to the greatest extent possible. 

In response to the COVID-19 crisis, The Bridge:

  • Has moved as many staff as possible to remote work.
  • Shifted much of our clinical work to a telehealth modality.
  • Restricted visitation in our residential housing to keep clients and staff safe.
  • Worked to secure protective equipment and cleaning supplies.

We continue to:

  • Work to help our clients understand the importance of the “stay at home” order and the need to follow health and safety guidelines.
  • Monitor and respond to all medical and psychiatric issues as they arise for our clients.
  • Ensure that clients receive medication, additional meals, care packages and other essential supplies in a safe way.

The Bridge is incurring significant costs as we respond to COVID-19 by finding new ways of reaching our vulnerable clients and protecting the health and safety of everyone.

Your support is needed more than ever.

Please help in any way you can.

Stay safe and healthy!
The Bridge, 290 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY 10027, United States
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