Subject: Home for the Holidays

After long hospitalizations left Nancy homeless and living in city shelters, she came to The Bridge for help in October 2017. 

Within weeks she had moved into one of our transitional housing programs, where onsite staff helped Nancy manage her medications, rebuild independent-living skills and access The Bridge’s outpatient Personalized Recovery Oriented Services (PROS) program, which focuses on helping clients imagine, define and pursue their personal goals. 

In PROS, 140+ weekly groups offer education and peer support, helping clients build resilience, knowledge, skills and community. Learning to apply these tools encourages the self-belief necessary to pursue dreams of work, school, better relationships or increased independence. 

Pursuing personal interests is an important part of living a full life not defined by one's mental illness. For some time, Nancy's philosophy degree and creative career had taken a backseat to her psychiatric and housing crises. In our outpatient programs, she was able to return to her dream of a master’s degree in philosophy. 

This fall, Nancy secured permanent housing, decorated the beautiful apartment pictured here, and began her first semester of grad school. 

Your support for our programs helps New Yorkers like Nancy move past crisis to build meaningful lives connected to the people and things they love.

From all of us here at The Bridge, thank you! 

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