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EUROPARC Federation eNews
June 2019
Dear readers,

May was an invitation to all Europeans to celebrate nature (the EU Green Week, the Natura 2000 Day and the European Day of Parks), but this year, it was also the month we were called to vote in our countries and chose the future we want to see Europe. That is why we bring you a special from Brussels: our call to action to the new Members of the European Parliament & a set of recommendations for the post-2020 biodiversity strategy, compiled by the European Habitats Forum (which EUROPARC is a member). 

In this eNews, we also share with you the latest updates from the network, learning opportunities and some interesting publications. Today, we also launch a new section in the eNews "Members looking for Help", a practical way to ask the network whatever you need... This month we have a request from Drentsche aa National Park (NL), we hope you can help them! 

Meanwhile today our colleagues working in Transboundary Parks are heading north to join the annual TransParcNet meeting, this year hosted by Oulanka and Paanajärvi National Parks (FI/RU). We wish you all a productive meeting!

And talking about events, have you booked your place for EUROPARC Conference 2019? The early bird fee ends this month... don't to miss the opportunity to be with us in Latvia! 

We wish you happy readings,
EUROPARC Directorate

Nature on your Mind: Understanding our Values
Ķemeri National Park, September 24-27

Entitled “Nature on your mind – understanding our values”, the conference will explore the presence of nature across various sectors and spheres of life. Especially highlighting the role of nature in human health, we will join forces to seek for “green prescriptions” to address and integrate the role of nature in:
  • Politics
  • Business
  • Health
  • Arts and Inspiration
  • Creation of Shapes and Environments
Get the insight into the full Programme, learn about the Speakers, Ķemeri National Park and how to join :

EU elections – EUROPARC call for action
From 23rd to 26th of May, voters across the EU went to the polls to elect more than 700 members of the European Parliament.Together with the newly elected representatives, we now have five years to work towards the better future for all of us.

EUROPARC is calling here to action European Political Groups, National Parties and Movements, as well as individual candidates, to ensure a sustainable future for our economy and our environment.That is why the Policy Paper “Our Natural Heritage: the Key to Europe’s Future“ was released. This document aims to raise awareness on the necessity to take action on different topics concerning Protected Areas.

You can download the Policy Paper in three languages:
Climate change & Protected Areas
A call for Action in Brussels

“The European Parliament, the Commission and the Council have to put in the EU agenda climate change and sustainable development as main priorities. Those have to be integrated in all main EU policies and funding programs!”. calls Enzo Lavarra, in this articleEnzo was previously a Member of the European Parliament in Brussels, is the President of Dune Costiere Regional Park (IT) and within EUROPARC Council is working closely with our office in Brussels, supporting our advocacy work.
Recommendations for the post-2020 Biodiversity Strategy
By the European Habitats Forum (EHF)

In light of the evaluation process of the EU 2020 Biodiversity Strategy and the discussions on the post-2020 EU Biodiversity Strategy, the European Habitats Forum (EHF), which EUROPARC is a member of, assessed the current EU Biodiversity Strategy and defined a set of recommendations for post-2020 EU Biodiversity Policy and action.Biodiversity loss is one of the most critical environmental threats alongside climate change and the two are inextricably linked. You can find the full European Habitats Forum Paper HERE!
Save the Date!
EUROPARC and DG Environment Seminar-Dialogue

Every year, EUROPARC invites members to showcase their achievements in the European Commission in the Seminar-Dialogue, an event jointly organised with DG Environment. By bringing together our members and representatives of several DGs, we will analyse existing European policies and showcase the challenges and successes of their implementation in the field, by protected areas and Natura 2000 sites. The past 2 editions proved to be a great success, with interesting debates around many topics relevant for Protected Areas. This year, we will be looking at Nature, Rural Development and Tourism together with DG AGRI and DG GROWTH. We look forward to see you in Brussels, between the 28-29th October 2019

More information and registrations will open soon. If your park/organisation is interested in joining us, please send an email to

With more than 400 Parks all over Europe (and further!) joining the celebration, we have marked  the 20th European Day of Parks! We want to thank everyone who joined our celebration and used this opportunity to connect themselves and their communities with the Natural Treasures of their countries! It is your beautiful and creative events that have made this day so special and we were more than happy to see the all of them on our map, and in pictures! DOWNLOAD the Activities and Outreach Report

In case you didn't get a chance to participate this year don't worry - you can already start planning the events for the next. Lear more about European Day of Parks and get inspired by the previous events here!
FILM "A Sustainable Journey" awarded in SPAIN! 
"Best Movie Promoting Sustainability" at Terres Travel Festival – Films & Creativity, Spain

The film “A Sustainable Journey” was presented within the Documentary category and was awarded with one of the two highest recognitions of the festival: the “TERRES DE L´EBRE- Best Movie Promoting Sustainability” Award at Terres Travel Festival
Find out more about the film and find it in English, French, German, Italian and Spanish language here!
EUROPARC Star Awards
The Sustainable Tourism Partners Awards

In these STAR Awards, EUROPARC seeks to celebrate, champion and acknowledge the effort and investments made by tourism businesses to be more sustainable and help care and protected their natural and cultural heritage. To be less impactful on the environment in which the businesses reside, to work alongside the park, and to play a supporting role in the community are all the excellent actions of “Charter Partners”.

Apply Now!
We invite you to apply in as many categories as you like,using the online form in either French, Italian, Spanish or English.

ERASMUS+ project “Sustainable Tourism: Training for Tomorrow”
EUROPARC Federation invites all its members, Charter Parks and stakeholders associated directly or indirectly with the territory of a natural protected area (natural park, national park, nature reserve, Natura 2000 or other), and involved in any way in the planning and/or delivery of tourism and recreation in the region, to complete the following research developed within our ERASMUS+ project “Sustainable Tourism: Training for Tomorrow”, that aims to increase the quality, supply and accessibility of training in sustainable tourism for Protected Area stakeholders across Europe. 

Find the Survey in your language:
Your responses will help identify potential training needs in different areas related to sustainable tourism and for different stakeholders; your answers will be totally confidential and treated only for statistical purposes. More information is available here!

MANAGEMENT OF CONSERVATION AREAS - international master program
Next round: October 2019 – October 2021 (Application deadline: June 30, 2019)

Together with the Carinthian University of Applied Sciences,  E.C.O. Institut für Ökologie offers the international master program Management of Conservation Areas.

The study program Management of Conservation Areas comprises 120 ECTS, culminating in a Masters degree (M.Sc.) graduation.
The comprehensive academic education is unique in Europe. It allows career growth in protected areas (nature parks, national parks, biosphere reserves, world heritage sites or European protected areas), in research and education as well as in NGOs or international organizations. The key elements of skills-oriented education are international cooperation as well as transcultural learning and working. More information can be found here!

MEMBERS Looking for HELP

from National Park Drentsche Aa (NL)
"We need stickers & objects from Parks around the world"

The idea is to make ‘storytelling’ travel suitcases for children in the age 6-12 years - to raise their interest and bring them back to nature. The suitcases are full with "natural treasures" from around the world, and will be used in many educational events. 
The stories of the objects inside, will boost the kids' imagination, while connecting them to a specific theme. 

Andre Brasse, from National Park Drentsche Aa (NL), wants to make suitcases around different themes such as ice age, biodiversity, animal tracks, stories about our National Park and so on. But he needs your help. Can you post him a sticker from your park (for the outside) and a special object / natural treasure from your Park? 

You can either contact Andre Per email at or you can post directly to: 
IVN Drenthe - Andre Brasse
Postbus 125, 9400 AC Assen, The Netherlands
Do you also have a request to our members?

If you are looking for a project partner, guidance on a specific topic, or some special help like National Park Drentsche, write us an email to We will be glad to share it with the network!


Yearbook "The State of Protected Areas in Spain 2018"

To monitor the state and progress of Protected Areas, EUROPARC Spain produced in 1999 a methodology to gather that information, as a living observatory of protected areas. On the World Environment Day, they have launched the results of 2018 and although significant progress has been made in the management of protected areas, the average investment continues to fall, which does not follow increasing number of visitors. Read the main outcomes (in English) and download the Yearbook (in spanish) here.
IPBES - Global Assessement Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services

The Intergovernmental Panel on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services – IPBES –  is very clear: we are destroying what keeps us alive. In the recently launched Global Assessment Report on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, hundreds of scientists from more than fifty countries sound the alarm: nature and its biodiversity have never been this bad in human history. 
In the article "The Unbearable Lightness of Being"  Ignace Schops, EUROPARC President, comments on the results of the Report and speaks about the transformative change we urge

Combating against invasive alien species in Central and Eastern Europe
by Csaba Bereczki

Invasive alien species are among the biggest threats to biodiversity, causing huge problems worldwide in nature conservation, forestry, agriculture, public health, and economy. Csaba Bereczki, with the Alfred Toepfer Natural Heritage Scholarship that we won in 2017, visited 6 European Parks to find out new solutions for the eradication of invasive alien species. Now, Csaba will adapt many of the learnings in his Park, Hortobágy National Park in Hungary. 
Get to know more about his study with this article,and download the complete Study Tour Report here!
The (needed) competencies for effective Natura 2000 Management

The effective management of Natura 2000 sites remains a challenge in most EU countriesHow can we build practical capacities and know-how through innovative methods? What are the core competence needs of Natura 2000 and Protected Area managers? Within the LIFE project, EUROPARC and its partners launched:
- a report with an analysis of the competencies needed for the effective management of Natura 2000
- an overview of the Natura 2000 implementation in 7 EU Member States