Subject: Natura 2000 Citizen's Awards - Last chance for voting!

Natura 2000 European Citizens' Award 2018
5 days left to vote for your favourite finalist of the N2000 Awards!
Twenty-five finalists are contesting for the Natura 2000 European Citizens' Award 2018 among 5 existing categories:
  • Conservation.
  • Socio-Economic Benefits.
  • Communication.
  • Reconciling Interests/Perceptions.
  • Cross-Border Cooperation and Networking.
Everyone is invited to vote for his or her favourite finalist to win the European Citizens’ Award. Online voting closes on 22 April 2018 at midnight CET. 
The winners will be announced at a ceremony hosted by Commissioner Vella in Brussels on Thursday 17 May 2018. The event is open to the press and the public. Please register online if you wish to attend.
The ceremony can also be watched online on the Natura 2000 website.
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Natura 2000 is the centrepiece of the EU’s nature and biodiversity policy. Established under the EU’s Birds Directive and Habitats Directive, it is an EU-wide network of over 27,000 terrestrial and marine sites, covering more than 18 % of land area and 7% of the surrounding seas. 

The aim of the network is to assure the long-term survival of Europe’s most valuable and threatened species and habitats. Well-functioning ecosystems provide benefits for human health, society and the economy. Natura 2000 provides an array of environmental advantages, while also serving a number of vital social and economic functions. In the EU, around 4.4 million jobs are directly dependent on healthy ecosystems, and a significant proportion of these are situated within Natura 2000 sites. In addition, the financial benefits that flow from the network itself are estimated to be in the range of EUR 200 to EUR 300 billion per year.

The European Commission’s Action Plan for Nature, People and the Economy aims to improve the implementation of Natura 2000 and boost its contribution towards reaching the EU's biodiversity targets for 2020.
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