Subject: Backstage Capital Accelerator | The Wingable Challenge | DR SANNA GASPARD: Disrupting the World of Medical Technology with Ingenuity and Grit

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I hope the gentle ease into the fall season is doing you well. We appreciate everyone that joined us at the JP Morgan investor dinner last week. It was great to meet many of you. Many of you have asked about our next event, we are focused on launching our funding program prior to planning our next big event. However, we have plans for pop-up events later this fall. If you have a venue and you'd like us to come to your city, let us know.

Last, many of us feel like we have to apologize for nothing being able to do everything on our list from checking all of our emails to finishing all of our business goals, to attending every event a loved one has invited us to. The best that you can do for everyone is to send off high-frequency energy. If you're sad, feeling down, or have any low vibration thoughts about your inability to be a superhero, it just makes it worse for everyone. As such, try to do your best to stay happy and positive as you focus on what's the most important. I had to lean into this a great deal this week, and it allowed me to bend time.

I hope this helps.

Dr. Roshawnna Novellus, Founder, EnrichHER
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DR SANNA GASPARD: Disrupting the World of Medical Technology with Ingenuity and Grit
Dr. Sanna Gaspard reminisces over memories of the enriched community and cultivated curiosity she experienced while living in the Caribbean island of St. Lucia as a young girl. During her formative years, the overall culture was focused on sending kids out to explore in between meals, creating a freeform playground to discover the environment around her. With a mindset of wonder and a landscape of limited working resources, St. Lucia’s inhabitants have been known to be creative innovators. “If something broke or malfunctioned, you were forced to create a solution on your own, with the resources naturally available to you”, states Dr. Gaspard.

While Sanna has created multiple inventions in her career, it wasn’t until her Final PHD project that she realized where she could create real change and disrupt an industry with the resources available. Little did she know the challenges that would face her.

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Backstage Accelerator

Backstage Capital launched an accelerator for startups led by underrepresented founders. The firm will invest $100,000 in each company in exchange for 5% equity. The accelerator's locations are Philadelphia, London, Los Angeles, and Detroit. The TechCrunch article with more information is here. More information on the accelerator and link to apply can be found on Backstage's website here. Due October 15th.

Wingable Challenge

The Wing's Accelerator, The Wingable Challenge is committing a minimum of $100,000 to invest across at least four women-run start-ups. The program runs 4 months and ends with a pitch day in January. The chosen startups will receive mentoring from prominent female founders. Here's the Fast Company article describing the accelerator, and more information and the application can be found here. Due October 18th.

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